Nice to meet you. I am Mariano
I have lived in Japan for about 11 years. I speak Japanese, English and Spanish.
In my home country, as a professional photographer, I mainly led wildlife photography tours. Please look at the photos.

Mariano Cruz R. was born in Monteverde, Costa Rica, Central América.
He studied ornithology at the University of Costa Rica and have certification as a tour guide for Costa Rica.
When he was 13 years old, he started to help as a volunteer on conservation projects at Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve and Eternal Children Rain Forest.
His interest on conservation have taken him to help many projects mainly on birds but also helped sea turtle research, Asian Black Bear research. On birds helped Peregrine Falcon Research on Maine, USA. In the Amazonia in Ecuador working with US schools on birdwatching-ecology trips in the rain forest, Nicaragua research on populations for an individual project for ecotourism development. Japan research on populations. Costa Rica several projects on behavior, population, migration and buffering zones.
He is a well-known guide mentioned on The Birds of Costa Rica field guide by Richard Garrigues, specialize on professional birdwatching tours with 33 years of experience on the fields.
Work with photographers on nature tours and taken several workshops on photography.
Dedicated full time on photography for the last 15  years mainly leading tours, working as a freelance photographer.

Mariano is based in Japan, spending time in both countries.
With 8 years in Japan, he works as a freelance photographer creating photos on landscapes, birds, culture and recently as a photographer for a soccer team of the Japanese women's second division league.
 Professional Photographer & Birdwatcher Guide for two travel agency:
RAINFOREST Photo Tours Costa Rica Costa Rica Nature & Bird Tour.
Member of:
Costa Rican Ornithologist Union                                           
Costa Rican Guide Association
Japan Wild bird Society
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